Tales of cryptids, as well as paranormal and supernatural terrors!
Growler: A creepy, short account of a young man's encounter with an unknown predator.
Something Roaming in the Woods: Three experienced outdoorsmen incur the wrath of a fiendish beast in the Ohio backcountry
Werewolf Horror-- Scream of the Skinwalker: Two brothers in the wilds of Michigan come face to face with a monstrous nightmare.
Virginia Bigfoot Scare: A lone outdoorsman's frightening encounter with a Sasquatch.
Two Little Stories of Paranormal Horror
The Dogman Cometh: A Montana man's encounter with a dogman changes him forever...
U.S. Special Forces Hunt Bigfoot: An elite team of soldiers track and engage a clan of violent, raging Sasquatch. Horror ensues-- followed by secrecy and lies. A story of fear, courage, terror and deception.
Big Liz: A story of greed, slavery, murder and vengeance-- during the American Civil War.
The Boo Hag: Beware... for that which is beautiful and fair without, is in reality, a deadly, hideous evil shapeshifting witch.
Black-Eyed Children: True-life encounters with one of the most bizarre, disturbing phenomena of our time-- with a special introduction by Cynthia Ivey.
The Observer: A bizarre, horrifying account of a monstrous, predatory entity.
The Haunted Manor: An old New Jersey estate-- dating back more than two hundred years, home to lingering spirits of a bygone era.
The Werewolf: Beware of the coming of the Devil's darkest curse.
The Curse of Kamulkir: An account of action, adventure, and the release of an ancient evil.
The Demon's Words: The demonic possession, the exorcism...and then comes the real terror.
The Ghost in the Alley: A tale of a tortured spirit seeking final justice.
Bloody Mary: Beware the curse of the evil witch!
Ogopogo the Lake Monster: The legend behind the world-famous cryptid!
The Wampus Cat: A woman, cursed and doomed to roam the wilderness in the form of a terrible monster.